Building & contents insurance

We provide building and contents insurance as well as purely contents insurance. Our policies can cover your buildings up to £1 million and contents up to £100,000. If your requirements exceed these amounts please contact Rossborough Private Clients. 

Please read the statements below to check that you are eligible to get a quote with us.

  • You want to insure your permanent home in Jersey.
  • You or any member of your family are free from any non motoring convictions, have not previously had insurance refused, had special terms applied or had insurance cancelled.
  • The home is self contained,  in a good state of repair, is of standard construction with brick or stone walls and slated or tiled roof (with no more than 10% flat or felt roofing).
  • It is not undergoing any  structural alterations.
  • It is free from flooding, subsidence, landslip or heave.
  • It is not located near to any tall trees.
  • It is occupied only by you and your family.
  • It is not a holiday home or a second home.
  • You agree to our usual Terms of Business and website Terms and Conditions. You should read these before proceeding.

By clicking "Get a new quote" you are agreeing to the statements above.

If you cannot agree to one or more of these statements, please contact us as we may still be able to provide a quote.

Important  - Please note it is your responsibility to take reasonable care to provide complete and accurate answers to the questions we ask when you take out your insurance policy, when you make changes to, and when you renew your insurance. Please note, if you don't answer the questions correctly, this could invalidate your insurance cover, your policy terms and conditions may be varied or part or all of a claim may not be paid.

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 'Standard construction' means built of brick, stone, concrete block and roofed mainly with slate or tiles with no more than 20% flat/felt/ruberoid roofing.



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