We are proud to support the Jersey Childcare Trust - Holly's story

25 Mar 2013

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We are proud to support the JCCT as our chosen charity. Another cheque for more than £1,000 has recently been passed to them, raised thanks to the efforts of our teams. Stories like Holly's remind us of the JCCT's invaluable work and what a difference they can make to families in need.

Holly's story told by her Parents... 

Holly had to be delivered at 26 weeks weighing 1lb 9 oz as we had severe pre - eclampsia. She was born 12.12.2010 at 9.58 pm and taken to SCBU, Mum was in intensive care for two nights. Holly and her Dad flew out on the medical plane to Southampton lunch time 13.12.10 to Southampton SCBU. Holly had her PDA a small valve in the heart clamped new years eve 2010. 
At 34 weeks she had laser surgery on her eyes due to ROP a premature baby condition. We all came home after 17 weeks in Southampton 1st April 2011 and then spent a further 7 weeks in Jersey SCBU before we finally went home 19 May 2011. Holly came home on oxygen and a feeding tube up her nose as well as using a bottle.

I rang The Bridge looking for help with finding a child minder or nursery that would help when I needed to returned to work in September. It was then when I found out about the Jersey Child Care Trust, they offered us help with Holly when we found a nursery. 

When Holly started Nursery at Charlie Farley's Too in September 2011, Kim from the Trust was there to help feed Holly who had just started feeding from the bottle only a week or so before and no longer needed the feeding tube. A few weeks after starting nursery Holly got her first pair of glasses,  which made a big difference all of a sudden she could really see what was going on around her!

In the last year, Holly has gone from strength to strength, Kim is in nursery every day for an hour to do activities with Holly on a one to one basis. Holly loves Kim and is always pleased to see her and even became a little jealous when Kim came in one afternoon to visit another child! Without Kim and the Trust giving Holly the extra help at Nursery, we feel she would not be the lively, clever and happy little girl she is today.

Holly 2

Holly loves books and will point out different animals and items in pictures when asked. She loves to do matching games and all sorts of messy play. It is a shame that all the children can not have a "Kim" on a one to one basis every day !

Charlie Farleys Too is a small nursery and is very good, they were willing to take Holly on with her oxygen and feeding problems at the start and have made Holly feel very happy and secure and part of the nursery.



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