Jersey Lifts Statement

20 Jan 2014

Jersey Lifts statement: Monday 20th January

Rob Hewlett, Director at Rossborough Insurance responds to Jersey Lifts media story on Friday 17th January:

'The recent media coverage also raises some serious insurance implications.

Motor policies will generally include reference to "car sharing". The intention of this wording is to make it clear that offering lifts to friends, family, work mates etc. is covered so long as:

  • The car carries no more than 8 people
  • The carriage of passengers is not part of a business
  • Any payment received does not include any element of profit 

In respect of the "Jersey Lifts" scenario, anyone providing a lift where there is clearly an element of profit or where the service is being advertised to "strangers" as well as friends is at best moving into a very grey area in respect of insurance cover. It is likely that in the event of an accident where business and/or profit and/or advertising are involved, an insurer would decline the claim. If there was an element of personal injury, the consequences become even more severe. 
We would urge young people to avoid this practice.'

For more information, please contact Rob Hewlett at Rossborough. 

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