Rossborough Pet Insurance

Rossborough are in partnership with the GSPCA to protect Guernsey pets. For each policy incepted, Rossborough will donate £10 to the GSPCA.

A host of benefits included with all insurance plans;

  • Our insurance partner offer 4 weeks FREE insurance. 
  • We can arrange insurance for your pet to protect against unforeseen costs.
  • Comparing pet insurance plans can be difficult with so many companies now offering different cover and benefit levels. 
  • We keep our insurance as simple as possible. 
  • Choosing the right level of cover for your Cat or Dog has just got easier.
  • With the spiralling costs of vet's fees it is no wonder that more and more people are deciding to take out pet insurance to protect themselves against the unforeseen.

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Policy Benefits


  • £4,000 Vet's Fees
  • £1.5million Public Liability
  • 10% multi-pet discount
  • 35% introductory discount
  • No excess except on the vet's fees section
  • Choice of plans
  • Standard cover monthly premiums from £6.80 for cats and £13.40 for dogs
  • Lifetime cover monthly premiums from £9.50 for cats and £18.96 for dogs

Vet's Fees

We pay up to the amount shown in the schedule, for each condition for the proper veterinary charges following treatment given by a qualified vet during the policy term including physiotherapy, certain prescription diets, treatment and referral. Our time limited cover (non-lifetime) is a fixed-term contract of insurance which renews each policy term (365 days) and provides essential vets fees cover up to £4,000 per policy period for each illness or injury up to 365 days from the date that the pet first displayed clinical signs of the illness/injury. No cover for illness/disease for the first 14 days.


If your pet dies during the period of insurance or is put down for humane reasons because of illness/disease or accident/injury that happened or started during this period of insurance. We pay the market value, the price paid or the amount shown in the schedule whichever is less. No cover for illness/disease within first 14 days of inception. For pets aged 8 years and over the benefit is reduced to death by accident or injury only.

Boarding Kennel Cattery Fees

If you are a registered in-patient in hospital for more than 3 days we can cover the cost of boarding your pet.

Holiday Cancellation

If you have to cancel or cut short your holiday because your cat or dog needs emergency life-saving surgery because of an accident or illness within 14 days before departure.

Loss by Theft or Straying

If the insured pet is not found within 28 days of straying or being stolen we pay the market value, the price paid or the amount shown in the schedule whichever is less.

Advertising and Reward

We pay up to 25% of your pet's sum insured value to cover the cost of advertising and paying a reward which leads to getting your pet back following theft or loss.

Accidental Damage

We insure you for accidental damage to personal property that is not owned by you, a member of your immediate family, a relative, employee, guest or other person who is responsible for or in control of your pet.

Public Liability

Legal liability to a third party, for the damages and costs arising from your ownership of the insured pet.

Personal Accident

We cover you as a result of lost income if you are bitten by your pet while you are caring for it and have to miss work as a result of the injury.

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