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The definition of what constitutes a collectors car and therefore benefits from an Agreed Value policy has changed considerably over the years. In the past a vehicle was generally only considered for underwriting on an agreed value basis if it was in excess of 20 years old and a very specific type of vehicle.

Things have changed over the years so that now, a number of insurers have widened the scope of their policies to include agreed value cover so that many vehicles including new vehicles can be considered. This type of cover can include:

  • Agreed Value i.e. 100% of the value of the vehicle agreed with insurers at the commencement of each year of insurance 
  • No Loss of No Claims Bonus for no blame or no fault claims 
  • Fully Comprehensive cover for all family members 
  • In the event of a claim involving repair, a courtesy car that is comparable to the insured car 

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