Construction Projects

Comprehensive cover for any construction project

If you are responsible for a residential or commercial development we can provide bespoke insurance to cover the risks associated with your specific project for the duration you require it. Our professionally qualified brokers have many years of experience and can offer you advice that will ensure you get the policy that meets your requirements.  

Time is precious to our clients, and that’s why you can pick up the phone to one of our team and get a hassle-free quote. Should you need to make a claim, our dedicated claims team will guide you through the process, minimising disruption to your business.

Cover can include:

Project insurance

An all-encompassing policy that protects the project from start to finish and arranged in line with specific contract requirements. A project policy keeps all cover sections under one bespoke arrangement and is ideally suited for property developers.

Legal indemnities

Legal indemnity insurance indemnifies property purchasers or mortgage lenders against issues arising on a property title or covenants. The policy coverage benefits property purchasers and their successors in title (including mortgagees and lessees).

Right of light

A bespoke policy covering a property owner’s legal liability and which extends to include costs and expenses for right of light actions taken by a neighbouring property or properties.

Combined liability

Covering a developer’s public and employer’s liability exposures where specific contractual arrangements are made relating to the developer’s responsibilities.

Latent defects

A bespoke, long-period policy designed to provide cover in the event of an inherent defect in the design, workmanship or materials becoming apparent after the practical completion of a development project.

Contract works

All risks insurance protection for the value of the ongoing works taking place during a development project for the full contract period.

For advice and policies tailored to your construction needs, call Richard Boddy on 01534 500507 or email

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