No two days are the same working at Rossborough Insurance, regardless of which team you are a part of or which island you call home.

  • A chance to experience exciting opportunities.
  • Specialists in almost every field.
  • Support in completing professional qualifications.
  • Access to a worldwide network of colleagues and offices.

Job opportunities

We have exciting Broker opportunities in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man - find out more below. Please contact us at for more information on our current vacancies.

Destination Rossborough

Join us to discover exciting opportunities, develop yourself professionally, and take your career to the next level.

Welcome to Destination Rossborough – your chance to break into the insurance broking industry and join one of the world’s biggest insurance brokers.

A career at Rossborough, no matter which team or island you’re in will open doors to engaging experiences within our global offices, and a clear pathway to furthering your career.

Destination Rossborough gives candidates a unique application experience, which helps us find the best local talent. 

Whether you're entering the world of work for the first time, or moving careers. Our initiative gives you the chance to pitch yourself for a role, in your own way.

Unlike other recruitment processes, we want you to feel comfortable and showcase your skills and experience in a way that best suits you. Whether that starts with a chat over a cup of tea or coffee, or creatively pitching yourself, and then applying through a standard, interview process – the choice is yours! Destination Rossborough is your first step to becoming a Chartered Insurance Broker.

We're looking for enthusiastic and exciting members to join the Rossborough family, which is part of a Gallagher company, that has a global network.

Why a career at Rossborough?

Rossborough has a team of around 130 people across the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. We are a hard-working and fun bunch of people who are dedicated to professional development, making a difference and improving client service. 

No two days are the same working at Rossborough Insurance, whether you’re meeting clients on the ground, supporting with renewals, underwriting or securing new business. Our people have access to our worldwide network. 

Why a career at Rossborough?

Staff Testimonials

  • Destination Rossborough is a great programme to start your colourful career in insurance. Everybody is so welcoming, and having the experience of going through each department and learning their functions through the Destination Rossborough programme has helped develop my skills and understanding of a career at Rossborough and the insurance industry.

    Georgena Piziura - Account Coordinator, Destination Rossborough Alumni

  • Destination Rossborough was a brilliant path to start my career in insurance. My role at Rossborough has enabled me to put the theory into practice and deliver my newfound skills to our range of clients.

    Tom Revell - Personal Lines Broker, Destination Rossborough Alumni

  • After 40 years in the global financial services industry, I decided to make a career change into the insurance sector with Rossborough. I am thrilled to still be offering clients a professional service just in a different format. It shows how you can transfer your skills from one professional environment to another with ease, especially with Rossborough who have such a clear strategy and focus for the future.

    Stephen Rafferty - Business Development Executive 

  • Destination Rossborough is a brilliant initiative that allows us as a company to find talented young people and those looking to enter the insurance industry for the first time. Last year’s talent search was an overwhelming success in Jersey, and we are excited to now be expanding the search to Guernsey, too. We can’t wait to see what these students have to offer.

    Richard Clarke – Managing Director of Rossborough (Guernsey) and Rossborough Healthcare

More about the teams at Rossborough

Commercial and Professional Risks

A day in the life of a broker in the commercial department is never dull as we’re continually challenged to identify and manage the risk requirements of a broad spectrum of clients. 

The Rossborough commercial world comprises the Commercial and Professional Risks teams:


Insurance provides confidence for companies to trade.  Our team manages the insurance requirements of a diverse range of businesses from hospitality, local governments, property and financial institutions as well as many more. 

Risks for businesses are always evolving which means no two days are the same, as we constantly meet the changing needs of our clients.

Professional Risks

This specialist team looks to protect companies against cyber-attacks and data breaches, businesses which fail to provide a service to their clients and protect directors against their personal liabilities.

Our customers include law firms, trust companies, fund administrators, airlines, utility companies, construction companies, architects, and accountants as well as funds that own substantial amounts of property in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Private Clients

If you’re interested in the finer things in life, you’ll enjoy working within Rossborough Private Clients team.

We look after a portfolio of insurance for high net worth and sometimes high-profile clients, including high-value residential and holiday homes, vehicles, yachts, jewellery and art collections both locally and worldwide.

Our team provides a dedicated broker service for our clients’ valuable possessions. 

Personal Lines

We offer a professional service to all customers by providing quotations, adjustments and handling renewals.

We arrange insurance for a variety of purposes from car and motorcycle, house and boat(s) as well as travel insurance.

Business Development

We sell advice. We understand how a business operates, help the client identify risks and provide them with solutions to manage risk and/or transfer the risk to insurance companies via a policy.

Our products include tailored policies for large hotels, construction firms, lawyers, accountants and fund managers through to more specialist products such as kidnap and ransom and extortion.

Our clients include small local business owners through to large global corporate businesses or family offices, introducers and business owners. 


The Enterprise team works with property owners (residential and commercial) to shops, salons, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and guest houses.

Our clients are based all over the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Enterprise is the first step into the commercial and corporate world of insurance.

Our team spend a significant amount of time on the phone with clients to best understand their needs and to ensure we offer them the right products for their protection.


Our Healthcare team looks after the health insurance needs of our individual and corporate clients across the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, UK and further afield.

Our individual clients may be a family based in Jersey, a retired couple in Guernsey or a High-Net-Worth individual who travels extensively around the world.

Our corporate clients may be a small accountancy firm in the Isle of Man, a trust company with several hundred employees across multiple jurisdictions, or a construction company in Guernsey.

We also provide a health and wellbeing consultancy service, which supports clients with implementing bespoke health and wellbeing strategies to support the wellbeing of their employees.

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